Advertise With ATAC TV

At we will work with you to create original and effective advertising and sponsorship plans that work for your business. If you would like to learn more about advertising with the ATAC, please contact us at: ADVERTISING@ATACTV.COM

Use the power of Internet Television by advertising on ATAC TV™.  Web TV, the future of entertainment and educational programming, has the ability to reach millions of potential customers by allowing 24-hour access via computers, iPhones, smartphones and mobile devices. Viewers are able to watch their programs any time and anywhere they want.

Our hosts are knowledgeable on your products and are familiar with customers’ concerns because they only promote products that they have rigorously tested over time and rely on for their own personal use.  Our hosts are your products end user.  Therefore, your advertisements are also backed by their endorsements. Second party delivery offers greater credibility and influence than when it is delivered by the manufacturer itself.

Your marketing message can be directly delivered to your target audience through a complete promotional program or a pre-roll commercial.  At anytime, the viewer has the option to be redirected to the sponsor’s web site with just one click.  Additionally, we protect our user base, your company.  Our extensive networking and staff, in addition to our premium educational programs allow ATAC TV™ to serve as a valuable advertising source for your company.

ATAC TV Subscribers allow advertisers an additional method to promote their brands with compelling online video content. Reaching to the consumers via mobile devices and tablets.

ATAC TV™ Advertisement Locations

1. Pre-roll ad with click through to your sites landing page.

2. 320 x 60 Static banner ad at the top of porthole player combo with click through to your site’s landing page.

3. 728 x 90 Static banner ad at the bottom of porthole player with click through to your sites landing page.

4. 634 x 90 Static banner ad at the bottom of the channel player with click through to your sites landing page.

5. Takeover ad that surrounds the entire player; a complete watermarking of your brand. This is a custom ad, please contact us @ for more information.

6. Product placement ad. An online info sheet of your product showcase with click through to your sites landing page of choice.

* Special rates apply when using a combination of the above locations.

To email us directly please send email to