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The Aramids consist of a group of very strong ropes such as Kevlar or Technora. Covering the advantages and disadvantages during this video and their common usage.
There are many types of Aramid Ropes such as Kevlar and Technora. The Aramid Ropes are one of the strongest ropes and they can withstand a very high shock load, which means that they can withstand going from slack to load very quickly. They don’t have a lot of stretch, so they are most often used in a static component and not a dynamic component; they are made not to stretch. They are very flexible and they don’t lose their strength in tight corners. They can withstand a lot of heat and a lot of abrasion. Don’t leave them out in the sun because like most ropes they can be damaged if left out in the sun for a long time. They do cost quite a bit compared to the other ropes out there.

Since this is such a strong rope, there are many uses for it. It is the number one rope for rescue and it is commonly used in rappelling. It also has many commercial uses as well. It can be an abrasive rope, so it is not used in recreational uses as often.


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