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Learn how to do a arm lock from guard. Alex Schoenauer and Steve Cantwell show you how easy it is to get an arm lock with some simple moves.
When you are on the bottom in guard position, always look for the arm bar or any other opening.  In guard, Alex on the bottom has his legs locked around the waist and pulls forward to break Steve’s posture and force him to plant his hands to the ground. Your legs have a lot of power and can pull your opponent forward holding him in this position while you set up the arm bar.

Once the opponent has postured forward, Alex moves towards the arm he is going to attack, placing the wrist against his neck as he traps the arm with his hand. Shift your body towards the arm and place your thigh on top of the opponent’s back and squeeze him like a sandwich. The arm is lying straight, so Alex applies downward pressure on the elbow joint until he gets a tap or a broken bone or joint.

Steve points out that once he has postured forward and attempts to pull back, Alex can easily take the arm in the same manner as its retracted. This arm lock technique is fast, easy and devastating when applied. Check out the video for more details.

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