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Learn How to Secure a Foot Lock From the mount used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A video teaching you how this is done on the mat with seasoned cage fighters and BJJ black belts.

Alex Schoenauer is on the training mat with Steve Cantwell in the mounted position. Steve is directing his weight straight down to help maintain and control his position. To transition to a foot lock from the bottom, Alex must use his hips, in addition to grabbing the belt or Gi to lift Steve up and over to the side. This is a dynamic movement to catch Steve off guard to get him off the top.

As the move progresses, Alex traps Steve’s outside leg with his legs by squeezing tightly together. This gives him control of that leg, and he can use his foot on Steve’s chest to stop him from coming after him after he is thrown to the side. Steve’s ankle is under Alex’s arm, which helps him control and lock up the leg. If you use a standard foot lock, you would be giving the opponent a chance to roll out and escape. To avoid this issue, Alex suggests grabbing the toes and pushing them the opposite direction locking it around your leg. This creates a more secure position for the foot lock. Now the foot is in position for a lock by grabbing the heel with the other hand and applying twisting pressure between the toes and ankle. Take a look at the video for more details of this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu foot lock technique with Steve Cantwell and Alex Schoenauer.

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