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How to Pass the Guard Drill 2. Another variation of passing the guard in this video. On the mat with Brazilian Jiu Jistu black belts and veteran cage fighters Alex Schoenauer and Steve Cantwell.

Alex Schoenauer and Steve Cantwell are sharing a training drill to improve your techniques in Brizilian Jiu Jitsu. As in all martial arts, the basics are required as building blocks to advanced skills. In this video, Alex will demonstrate a useful training drill to pass the guard giving you one more technique for your personal toolbox.

Have your training partner on his back, knees up, so you can kneel down next to his legs with your outside leg extended out for leverage. Drape your arm across the crease of his knees and lightly lock into the space in his upright legs. Lower your head to his side with your shoulder directly on his stomach applying weight to this area. Bring you near side leg up first, followed by the other one so your legs are pointed straight up. As you drop to the other side of the training partner, one leg comes down at a time.  Avoid jumping or hopping over the top; it should look like more of a wave pattern. Once down on the other side, set up and repeat the other direction. Not only is this a great skill builder, it can be a good cardio workout as part of your training. Once you become comfortable with this new skill, it can be included in regular training. It is another technique to pass the guard. Watch the video for more detailed instruction.

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