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Learn how to take your opponent’s back and set up a lapel choke. Start from sprawling onto the opposite side to gain the superior position and grab the lapel. He demonstrates in slow and then shows you how to apply the lapel choke from the rear in a fluid motion. Grant O teaches you how to pick the side.  He demonstrates how to put your knee between his elbow and leg. Next, go under their arm and grab your opponent’s lapel.  Now pull your knee out and pull him over while you maintain a hold of their lapel.

At this stage, you roll to your back and set in your legs to work as a hook on the inside of their legs so they cannot escape.  One of your arms will be over their shoulder and one under their armpit grabbing the lapels. Next, start pushing one lapel straight down and the other lapel across applying the choke. Grant O make it looks simple, but it is very technical and a great Gi Submission.

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