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Learn how to pass the Butterfly Guard. The defense from a butterfly guard is to keep good posture and the weight on your hips.
The Butterfly Guard can be used to escape from the bottom by elevating the opponent so you can move.  Steve Cantwell demonstrates an easy way to pass the guard with Alex Schoenauer. To do this successfully, you must keep the opponent on the bottom flat on the ground.

To set up the pass, Steve posts his hand, lowers his shoulder and his weight onto the opponent’s stomach with his head to the side. His opposite arm locks against the thigh to block the leg from chasing the pass. He lifts his legs straight up and passes to the side landing 90 degrees to Alex. One hand goes under the head, the other blocks the hips and sprawl with your legs, up on your toes to keep your weight on the opponent’s chest. This puts Steve in a side control position to continue his attack on Alex.

Make sure you train this pass from guard from both sides of the opponent. Take a look at the instructional video for more tips and hints from Alex and Steve to make you a better Brazilian Jui Jitsu practitioner in the world of martial arts.

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