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Learn How To do the basic S-Mount used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Starting from the mount and controlling the sleeve while dragging the arm across and replace it with your same side leg. Watch and learn how to do this basic BJJ move.
Next, learn how to complete this submission with your opponent’s arm trapped with your leg, across their head.  Scoop the opposite side elbow with your other leg. This is the S Mount used in BJJ that Steve Cantwell is teaching you.

Now, let’s take it to the next step and into a submission by scooping the arm that is across your opponent’s neck and grabbing your Gi.  As Alex Schoenauer teaches you, each step is very uncomfortable and once your opponent has their weight transitioned onto your arm and chest, you do not have many options.  With the arm being trapped, the fighter on top just sits back while maintaining control of the other fighter’s arm. The end result is taking the trapped arm into a finishing arm bar.

Now let’s practice transitioning to the other arm. Alex explains with Steve demonstrating that you can also spin and take the opposite arm. Set them up without giving them a chance to defend and take whichever direction is in your favor.

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