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Learn how to set up the Crucifix used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In this video Alex Schoenauer works with Steve Cantwell and shows you how to trick you opponent into grabbing your leg to get started.

There are numerous ways to set up the Crucifix, in this method Alex shows if you are in a competition for that superior position that and you opponent is curled up and has his back to you. Just sit on his back and be sure to have good balance with grabbing their collar and the back of their Gi. Then bait them by placing your foot next to their shoulder, once your opponent grabs your foot or ankle transition to a side mount on their back while trapping their arm with your legs.  Most cased your opponent will have a solid grip when you transition to try to keep your leg.

Alex shows you to break the grip with the leverage and strength of your leg, and grab their opposite wrist and roll forward. Once you roll forward you will have their leg and  their arm trapped in the Crucifix position.

Many finishing moves from the Crucifix that Alex will give a brief demo on, but it is the set up that is critical to get you in control.

Take it to the next level into a choke or transition to side control. So check out those programs, which are available on this site

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