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Learn how to set up a leg lock, but if you miss it you can pass and go for the knee on belly or another option. BJJ is full of options, with move after move. Simply passing into other options such as a leg lock.

Alex Schoenauer and Steve Cantwell have a couple different options for passing to lock.  With your opponent on the ground and you standing over him, start the pass by grabbing the outside ankle. Immediately pull the leg while moving in from the side to trap the leg behind your thigh and hook your hand above his knee to lock it in. If he tries to push the leg out, simply pass and drive your knee in his stomach.  As an alternate to pass for the lock, the opponent pulls his leg. This gives Alex the opportunity to take the lock by inserting his outside leg around the trapped leg and falling back.  Alex configures a figure 4 around the leg and locks it down.  Now, Alex has options such as a lock on the heel on either side, or pushing the foot to the outside and applying a lock on the ankle.

Any move or technique in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives you numerous options depending on what your opponent’s reaction is to the first move. Always be looking for an alternative so you can shift gears and take advantage of any openings.  Watch the video for a demonstration of the proper technique to complete the pass to lock and its variants.

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