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Learn how to set up the Triangle from closed guard. Many different ways to set up arm bars and triangle, here is one method. A very popular and effective move used in BJJ and also in the cage.
Alex Schoenauer and Steve Cantwell show you how to set up a triangle from closed guard. They have you start off by pulling the Gi sleeves on both arms and then pop your feet up to your opponent’s hips. Make sure you trap their arms with your knees and your hip up.
Next step is to push one arm through your legs. On the same side that you push their arm, you want to throw your leg up and over and hook their neck.

Alex explains some finer points: your opponent’s arms should almost be hyperextended as you are pulling from the guard, setting them up.  Next, when you pull on their Gi they want to pull back, this is when you push one arm through.  As Alex explains, it does not take long, 3 seconds or so and they are out if they do not tap.

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