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The guys give you the basic understanding of the terms if you are watching a fight on TV, in a conversation or just want to know what these moves are when you hear them on a Pay Per View fight or on TV. A must watch video if you want to get started in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Both fighters are veteran cage fighters and Sergio Penha BJJ Black Belts, great teachers here to help you. Understanding the Basics off Jiu Jitsu, which is a ground fighting art.  Steve Cantwell and Alex Schoenauer teach you the basic moves and terminology.

Top Position Examples Below:

Half Guard:  Once you have started to progress the pass and are on top, you have passed one leg.
Side Control:  This is dominant position and there is not too much the fighter can do from the bottom other than defend and escape while avoiding submission.  The bottom fighter can also try to put the top fighter back in his guard.
The Mount:  One of the most dominant positions, not much the bottom fighter can do other than escape and defend.
The Back:  Another dominating position, and again not much the fighter can do other than escape and defend.
The goal for the fighter on top is to get in the dominant positions and to get on top and pass your opponents legs.  The goal for the fighter on their back is to defend and escape using such positions like to keep them between their legs and try to submit the opponent. Or the sweep, escape and gain the top position.

Alex also points out that this is a chess match of attacking and defending to submit your opponent.  Start with the basics, side control, mount, guard, half guard and drill them over and over.  The video is a quick understanding of how to get the basic fundamentals started the get better at your Jiu Jitsu game.

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