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ATAC TV Product Review – Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Briefcase

Blackhawk makes the Advanced Tactical Briefcase for those who require the organization of a briefcase to hold their items with the ease of concealing their weapon system in the velcro pocket in the back. A nicely designed case that is not just for the business person.

Blackhawk’s Advanced Tactical Briefcase has both a shoulder and a hand strap. There are numerous pockets with velcro and zip closures on the front flap, which securely closes with sturdy clips. When you open the flap, there is a see-through compartment to allow you to view documents or items without opening the pocket. There is a large main compartment. On the outside of this, there are again numerous pockets with various sizes and closures to hold most any item desired. There are also pockets on both sides of the briefcase. Most importantly, there is a zip pocket on the back to hold your weapon system. If you wish, the pocket has a velcro lining so that if you purchased the platform to attach to your holster, you could velcro the platform, holster and weapon to the inside for easy access. This is a very neat idea to keep your pistol secure with the ability to slide your hand in the pocket for a quick grab.


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