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Scuba Dive Repair Kit

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Learn what to put in your Scuba Dive Repair Kit to Save a Dive. Tools and adhesives and a variety of simple items you may want to carry. Since you spent time getting to your dive location, you don't want it to be wast...

Configure your Scuba Unit

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Learn how to configure your scuba unit which consists of a Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD), tank and a regulator. Marcus Gee shows you how to configure your scuba unit. Start by standing the tank up with the tank...

Scuba Diving – Improve Bottom Time

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Scuba Diving - Improve Bottom Time: Learn how you can practice to increase bottom time or time underwater more efficient. Simple tips and tricks using breathing exercises before your dive. Extend your dive time wit...

Scuba Diving Limitations

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Want to take up diving but not sure if you can get certified? Diving is a great family and friend recreational activity for all ages. Scuba Diving Limitations are for all ages. Today, most of the training agencies ...

Scuba Diving Regulators

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Understand the Scuba Diving Regulators and their features. Marcus explains how regulators permit you access to the air in your tank while reducing the pressurized air to equal the water pressure you are diving in. ...

Pacific Coast Freediving

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Erin Magee is owner and head instructor at Pacific Coast Freediving. There are a variety of programs that they offer, but the two main courses are beginner and intermediate level freediving. At Pacific Coast Freedi...

What is Freediving

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What is freediving? Many confuse it with jumping off of cliffs or out of planes into the water or high diving. Freediving is none of these. It is simply holding your breath and going underwater. Taking a single breath...

Freediving Ear Prep

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Freediving Ear PrepĀ involves taking some preventative measures so when your dive starts you can enjoy it. Learn tricks to thin mucus and decrease mucus production. Your dive can end abruptly if your ears fail to equal...

Freediving Pre Dive Position

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Before you start your freedive, it is important to learn the proper Freediving Pre Dive Position. This is before you start your entry and before you begin kicking down to the bottom. Many want to float with their h...

Freediving Computers

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A freediving computer is an important part of your freediving gear, but it is one of the last pieces of gear that you should buy. Remember, there is a big difference between freediving computers and dive computers, al...

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