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Maximize Breath Hold

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Learn how to take that big breath before you go underwater. You want to focus on activating the diaphragm, isolating the muscle then allow it to go into the chest. A follow along video that you can practice at home ou...

Freediving Lingo

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Freediving Lingo are the terms and phrases commonly used by freedivers, which can seem confusing to those that are not familiar. This program focuses on freediving lingo and Erin explains those terms and phrases so yo...

Freediving Courses

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Whether it's spear fishing, competitive freediving or snorkeling with longer bottom times, safety is first. Learn how to prevent blackouts and what to do if they happen. Become more efficient and have a safer freedive...

Freediving Breathing Techniques

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Learn the proper freediving breathing techniques. Slowing your heart rate down and minimizing your oxygen consumption is called the breath up. Learn how to get good gas exchange in this video with Erin Magee. Erin ...

Freediving Safety Basics

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Freediving Safety Basics rules are outlined in this video. Freediving is a great sport and it is possible for it to be a safe sport, but you must pay attention to very important and basic safety rules. The first ba...

Freediving Disciplines

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There are many different types of Freediving Disciplines. Erin Magee tells you a little about each one of the disciplines and in particular, the discipline called Constant Ballast, which she currently holds the US Wom...

Freediving Flutter – Scissor Kick

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The Free Diving Flutter - Scissor Kick is the most common kick you will see with recreational freediving, snorkeling and spearfishing. It consists of a back and forth movement of your feet. Watch Erin Magee demonstrat...

Freediving Wetsuits

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Freediving Wetsuits are very different from scuba diving wetsuits or surf suits. Scuba suits normally are one piece with a zipper up the back with no attached hood. Freediving suits are typically two pieces with an at...

Choosing Freediving Fins

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When Choosing Freediving Fins, it is important to choose the proper stiffness, the proper fit, the appropriate material that the fin is made of as well as some other helpful hints that Erin Magee discusses in this vid...

Choosing a Freediving Mask

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The gear that you choose in freediving directly impacts your performance. If you have a high volume mask or a wetsuit that doesn't fit properly, it could potentially reduce your breath hold times or the depth that you...

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