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Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set Up

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Erin Magee shows you the Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set Up. When you freedive, you want to attach the snorkel to the back of the mask and you wear the snorkel in a different position than what most are accustomed to....

How to Use a Freediving Snorkel

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This video focuses on How to Use a Freediving Snorkel, breathing through the snorkel during freediving to minimize the amount of water you get in your mouth and how to properly use your snorkel with the proper breathi...

Freediving Weight Belts

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Freediving weight belts are a great tool to help you to stay under water at the depth you want to maintain and to help you go through the different phases while your diving down to your depth. They can, however, creat...

Freediving Computers

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A freediving computer is an important part of your freediving gear, but it is one of the last pieces of gear that you should buy. Remember, there is a big difference between freediving computers and dive computers, al...

Freediving Pre Dive Position

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Before you start your freedive, it is important to learn the proper Freediving Pre Dive Position. This is before you start your entry and before you begin kicking down to the bottom. Many want to float with their h...

Freediving Ear Prep

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Freediving Ear Prep involves taking some preventative measures so when your dive starts you can enjoy it. Learn tricks to thin mucus and decrease mucus production. Your dive can end abruptly if your ears fail to equal...

What is Freediving

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What is freediving? Many confuse it with jumping off of cliffs or out of planes into the water or high diving. Freediving is none of these. It is simply holding your breath and going underwater. Taking a single breath...

Pacific Coast Freediving

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Erin Magee is owner and head instructor at Pacific Coast Freediving. There are a variety of programs that they offer, but the two main courses are beginner and intermediate level freediving. At Pacific Coast Freedi...

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