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Aramid Ropes

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The Aramids consist of a group of very strong ropes such as Kevlar or Technora. Covering the advantages and disadvantages during this video and their common usage. There are many types of Aramid Ropes such as Kevlar ...

Cotton Poly Ropes

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Cotton and Cotton Polyester (Cotton Poly Ropes) blended rope is a very weak rope, but it does have its common uses because of its low cost, low weight and flexibility. This video demonstrates the strengths and weaknes...

Cutting Rope without Fraying

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Repair your rope when it's necessary for you to remove a section that has been damaged, cutting rope without fraying. Remember that only synthetic ropes will melt. If you find that a segment of your rope has begun to...

Knot Tying Terms

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Knot Tying Terms that you should be familiar with in rope and rappelling. This video details the terms by demonstrating with rope. It's important for you to learn the terminology used with rope and knots so that you ...

Manila Hemp Rope Strength

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Manila and Hemp Ropes are a good, low cost rope to use for survival purposes. Their advantages and disadvantages are outlined in detail in this video. Manila Hemp Rope Strength is considered to be a fairly strong rop...

Nylon Polyamide Ropes

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Nylon Polyamide ropes have excellent strength, high abrasion resistance, and relatively high elasticity. Commonly used in survival, rescue, commercial, rappelling and recreational uses as well. These ropes have super...

Polyester Ropes

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Polyester Ropes are a very common rope often seen in survival or commercial uses. They are strong, flexible and can withstand large shock loads. Polyester rope is considered to be a strong rope. The larger diameter p...

Polyethylene Webbing

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Polyethylene Webbing is also known as Spectra Webbing. It is a very strong material that it can be used in survival because they are so light and able to be bundled into very small areas for carry. Polyethylene or Sp...

Polypropylene Rope

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Polypropylene Rope has been around for quite some time. You will most often see this rope during recreational activities such as water sports. These ropes have quite a bit of stretch depending on the weave and they fl...

Rappelling Carabiners

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Rappelling Carabiners types come in steel or aluminum and many sizes and shapes. Carabiners come with a breaking strength marking to tell you the amount of force it can tolerate. Make sure you use the correct one for ...

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