Mixed Martial Arts

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Forrest Griffin and Frank Mir Host ATAC TV

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Forrest Griffin & Frank Mir, two of the hosts on the ATAC TV MMA Channel. You can learn tips & tricks after their fights along with short training videos. Along with the other hosts, you can learn tips that h...

MMA-Arm Bar from the Mount

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How to do the arm bar from the mount. Alex Schoenaueer and Stephan Bonnar walk the viewer through an arm bar technique from the mount position. As Alex gets a high mount, he sets up the move by bringing his knee up a...

MMA-Attack to Kimura

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Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin show you a detailed instruction on how to attack the Kimura. Sharing their tips from the cage on how to submit your opponent with the Kimura. Join Frank Mir as he works from side control...

MMA-Clock Choke from Rear

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Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin show you how to catch someone in a clock choke. Great training videos that you can use next time you train in the cage or on the mat. As Frank Mir and Forrest chat inside the cage, it is...

MMA-Countering Turtle Option 1

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Most guys that end up in the turtle position spin around and try to take their opponent's back. Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer have a couple of alternate moves you might want to learn. Here is one of the technique...

MMA-Countering Turtle Option 2

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Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer demonstrate another counter option when you find yourself in the turtle position, in addition to going around the back as in part one of this MMA series. Countering the Turtle: Opti...

MMA-Crucifix-Shoulder Lock

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Wrestler most often go after the legs for a takedown. Alex suggests that you need a defense to stop the takedown and use it against the attacker. In this video, Stephan goes in for a single leg takedown and Alex demon...

MMA-Finishing the Rear Naked Choke

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Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenaur teach you how to finish your opponent with the rear naked choke used in mixed martial arts. Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar share tips on how to finish the choke once you have t...

MMA-Guillotine Choke-Neck Crank

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MMA Guillotine Choke transition to an effective neck crank with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer. You have your opponent in a guillotine choke and think the fight is finished, but can’t seem to get him to tap out...

MMA-High Back Sprawl

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The High Back Sprawl is a great move to counter a skilled wrestler. As the opponent dives in for a takedown and secures a leg, Alex Schoenauer demonstrates this technique with Stephan Bonnar for the viewers. Stepha...

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