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Vehicle Onboard Air System

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The Vehicle Onboard Air System serves numerous purposes with a survival vehicle. It can jack up the vehicle using an air jack, it can attach to an air wrench to help quickly change a tire, and it can inflate your tire...

Off Road Tire Pressure

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The proper Off Road Tire Pressure for the terrain is important. A tire that's inflated too high is more easily punctured and torn. If you lower the tire pressure when off-road, you have the advantage of better trac...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Wind Generator-Part 7

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The Wind Generator System for self-sustaining homes is discussed by Lenny Bolton. The Wind Generator takes wind power and produces electrical energy which is stored in the batteries. The controller is located in the P...

Off Road Air Suspension

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The Off Road Air Suspension system on a Jeep, truck or any SUV allows you to raise and lower the vehicle when needed according to the terrain you'll be exploring. The sway bar can also be locked and unlocked to change...

Vehicle Gas Tank Protection

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If you're going to go off-road with your vehicle it's important to protect your gas tank because if no gas, no go. One of the most important protective features on the Vehicle Gas Tank Protection. Of course it's im...

Self-Sustaining Homes-DC Power Station-Part 5

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DC stands for Direct Current. This video discusses the DC part of the Power Station.  Your car battery is DC while inside your house you have AC or Alternating Current. The Power Station is where all the components of...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Electric Power Generation-Part 1

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Self-Sustaining Home videos presented by Lenny Bolton. The Electrical System components are made up of the Wind Generator System, the Solar Panel Arrays, the Generator and the Power Station which coordinates all of th...

Vehicle Spare Parts List

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Being prepared can not only help you on the trail but also others who are not as well equipped. Your vehicle is a means of transportation, but it's also susceptible to mechanical and environmental risk and breakdowns....

Off Road Vehicle Steering System

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A quick overview of the off road vehicle steering system on a Jeep Rubicon. There are additions that you can buy such as the U-turn system that helps tremendously with the alignment when traveling in rough terrain. ...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Generator-Part 2

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Generator components are described in this video. A generator is used for emergency back up power generation when the sun and wind are absent for several days or when you have a day of heavy energy requirements and yo...

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