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Self-Sustaining Homes-Wind Generator-Part 7

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The Wind Generator System for self-sustaining homes is discussed by Lenny Bolton. The Wind Generator takes wind power and produces electrical energy which is stored in the batteries. The controller is located in the P...

Self-Sustaining Homes-DC Power Station-Part 5

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DC stands for Direct Current. This video discusses the DC part of the Power Station.  Your car battery is DC while inside your house you have AC or Alternating Current. The Power Station is where all the components of...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Generator-Part 2

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Generator components are described in this video. A generator is used for emergency back up power generation when the sun and wind are absent for several days or when you have a day of heavy energy requirements and yo...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Water Treatment-Part 10

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Our last video in Self-Sustaining Homes is Water Treatment in our off-the-grid discussion, presented by Lenny Bolton. Learn how the water is taken to the Water Treatment Station where it is treated then pressurized so...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Electric Power Generation-Part 1

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Self-Sustaining Home videos presented by Lenny Bolton. The Electrical System components are made up of the Wind Generator System, the Solar Panel Arrays, the Generator and the Power Station which coordinates all of th...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Wind Generators-Part 4

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Wind Generator during Electrical Power Generation is discussed in this video. In the system described, the wind generator converts wind power to electrical power which is stored in the batteries in the Power House. ...

Self-Sustaining Homes-DC to AC Inverters-Part 6

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Learn how DC voltage is inverted to AC voltage in a self-sustaining home and why it's necessary for it to be inverted. Watch this video after you have learned about the Batteries and the Chargers titled Power Station-...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Solar Panel Arrays-Part 3

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Solar Panel Arrays track the Sun so that they can efficiently capture the Sun's energy source. Each Solar Panel Array can produce up to 3.6 kW of Energy and they are the major contributor in the production of Energy i...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Automatic Transfer Switch-Part 8

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The Automatic Transfer Switch, located in the Power Station, transfers energy from the Generator when it comes on automatically or when it automatically senses that it needs to come on. It supplies DC Voltage to the b...

Self-Sustaining Homes-Well Pump-Part 9

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Self-Sustaining Homes require a well and a well pump. Where is the water derived from when you're off-grid? A well pump takes the water to the Water Treatment Station so the water can be stored and pressurized before ...