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ATAC TV Product Review – Crye Precision Combat Shirt
The Crye Precision Combat Shirt has a superb design that meets every functional requirement that an operator could ask for, but does so with comfort in mind.
Crye Precision makes a combat shirt with rip stop sleeves, but thin breathable fabric over the trunk area so that it can be worn under body armor. This material also wicks perspiration away from the skin and it is fire retardant as well as comfortable. The front zipper allows the shirt to be put on or off easily and it zips along the collar as well so that the collar can be worn high up to the chin. The arms each have a velcro closure pocket with velcro on the outside for identification and each elbow is designed with an elbow pocket so that pads can be placed. The pads can be secured with velcro so that they can be removed for washing. These pads can be purchased separately. At the wrists, there are velcro closures so the sleeves can be form fitting.


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