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ATAC TV Product Review – Eberlestock Dynamite Drag Bag

The Eberlestock Dynamite Drag Bag (Dynamite and E2B Sniper Sled Rifle Drag Bag) for sniper rifles can  be used as a weapon pack and drag bag.  These Drag bags come with unique features that make them very useful in many situations.  Standard is Eberlestock’s quality, attention to details and a lifetime warranty.   Here are some of the details:

  • Installable pack harness and hip belt
  • Three large removable pockets on the front side
  • Quick link and hook-and-clip system
  • Third panel inside to protect rifle/optic from internal storage items
  • Three flap protected straps to secure rifle
  • Additional internal plasticized mesh large pockets
  • Internal webbing

The Drag bags include a removable pack harness and hip belt.  The shoulder straps are identical to the shooter’s harness found on Eberlestock’s premium backpacks.  The waistbelt is compact in order to minimize bulk, but a useful way to put load on the hips and stabilize carrying the bag and rifle weight.  There are three large pockets on the front of the drag bag that are removable and feature Eberlestock’s unique Quick-Link hook-and-clip attachment system.  The bags at 52” long were laid out to contain a large .50 cal McMillian sniper rifle and anything smaller, including any turreted optics mounted to the weapon system.  It has a third panel inside to protect the sniper rifle from any other items stored inside the bag.  This panel can also be used to fold out flat providing a comfortable padded shooting mat in any situation. All the panels are padded making it very comfortable.  Internal plasticized mesh-fronted pockets are big enough for full sized notebooks, and is laid out so you have direct access and good visibility while using the bag as a shooting mat.

The Eberlestock Drag bags are a nice mix of convenience and usefulness short of a full weapons pack and scabbard.

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