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TheĀ Free Diving Flutter – Scissor Kick is the most common kick you will see with recreational freediving, snorkeling and spearfishing. It consists of a back and forth movement of your feet. Watch Erin Magee demonstrate how to position your body properly when performing the flutter kick.

The flutter or scissor kick is a back and forth movement with your feet but the key to a perfect flutter kick is the proper positioning of your legs. The kick does not come from your knees. If you bend your knees, you produce a bicycle kick, which is quite ineffective. You end up pushing your fins through the water instead of pulling water and propelling yourself forward. So, you need to focus on producing the kick out of your hips instead of out of your knees.

It is also very important to point your toes. If your feet are flat, you’ll end up kicking up and down instead of pushing the water behind you.

Watch Erin as she demonstrates the flutter kick with the proper form, straight legs, pointed toes and using her hips. You’ll see how powerful her kick is with very little energy spent when in the proper form because it is so efficient.

Next, you’ll see Erin demonstrate the bicycle kick while bending her knees, expending much energy without producing much force through the water.

Lastly, Erin demonstrates the proper form of the flutter kick again and you can view the kick from several angles.

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