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Erin Magee shows you the Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set Up. When you freedive, you want to attach the snorkel to the back of the mask and you wear the snorkel in a different position than what most are accustomed to.

Instead of attaching the midportion of the snorkel to the side of the mask, you want to attach the top of the snorkel to the back of the mask on the silicone straps. For the proper attachment you need to keep the silicone straps on the mask that you buy and not switch over to neoprene straps as mentioned in the Freediving Mask program.

Erin likes to use a hair tie as her keeper in order to connect the snorkel to the strap. Loop the hair tie around the top of the snorkel once then through one section of the split silicone strap in the very back of the mask. Next, you want to make one twist in the hair tie and go back over the snorkel to connect the mask strap to the snorkel. This way, the snorkel is attached to the back of the mask at the strap and it is attached near the top of the snorkel as seen in the video.

When you put the mask on, you’ll see that the snorkel is at the back of your head. Make sure the skirt on the mask is underneath the hood of your wetsuit. You accomplish this by running your fingers all along the hood, lifting it up over the mask and sealing the mask underneath. Pay special attention to the area of the mask where the straps attach. Failure to do this will allow your mask to flood during your dive.

How tight should your strap be? Make sure it’s not too tight. The strap is meant to hold the mask on but not to hold it tight against your face. That will happen naturally in the water if you have a mask that fits your face properly.

If you are diving and your head is down with your chin tucked, the snorkel with float behind you and become streamlined with your body. When the snorkel is being used, the top of the snorkel will be sticking straight up out of the water instead of forward where it would be getting splashed with wind and waves if you were in the ocean.

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