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Whether it’s spear fishing, competitive freediving or snorkeling with longer bottom times, safety is first. Learn how to prevent blackouts and what to do if they happen. Become more efficient and have a safer freedive with more fun by taking someĀ Freediving Courses.

Freediving safety is very important and a great way to learn about freediving safety is by taking a freediving course. There are many agencies that offer freediving courses and the ones that Erin is most familiar with are Performance Freediving International, Freediving Instructors International and SSI.

When taking these courses, it is important to focus on the safety that is being taught in these courses. Safety is the most important part. The good freediving courses will have a comprehensive safety course included in the training.

These safety courses will show you how to prevent blackouts and how to deal with them if they do occur. They will also focus on anything that is going to make you more efficient in the water, like how to make your breathing more efficient so you can increase your breath hold.

At Pacific Coast Freediving, Erin focuses on safety and then breathing. The proper breathing technique is taught to lower your heart rate and kick in dive reflexes to maximize your breath hold. Also, how to take the the largest possible breath. Many people don’t realize that they are only using a small percentage of their lung volume that is available.

On the average, in the second level program that Erin teaches, students come in with a less than one-minute breath hold and by the second, third or fourth day, they’ve learned how to achieve four-minute breath holds. On average, those same students are reaching100-foot freedives.

Freediving courses provided by Erin Magee and some other instructors at Pacific Coast Freediving will enable you to learn the proper safety skills for freediving and to learn the tricks of the trade to increase your overall bottom time.

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