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This video focuses on How to Use a Freediving Snorkel, breathing through the snorkel during freediving to minimize the amount of water you get in your mouth and how to properly use your snorkel with the proper breathing technique necessary in freediving.

When you use a freediving snorkel it is important to not just breath normally. It is an open hole and when you are out in the ocean you will be in the waves and wind. The snorkel is a direct passageway to your lungs so you need to protect yourself with the proper breathing technique.

You still want to use the breathing technique of a slow exhale combined with diaphragmatic breathing, but you don’t want to keep your mouth wide and open, inhaling with full force. You need to protect your airway by placing your tongue behind the back of your upper teeth when you’re breathing in. This way you are creating a splash guard. So if you do inhale some water, you just stop, pop your snorkel, which means you blow really hard into your snorkel to clear it out, and then you resume your normal breathing. This way you don’t choke on water and you don’t have to keep surfacing to clear your snorkel.

Watch Erin as she demonstrates the proper way to place your tongue when you inhale. You can practice this out of the water without your snorkel and then when you have practiced sufficiently, continue to practice your breathing exercises out of the water, but now with the snorkel in your mouth. This way you’ll be prepared before you begin your practice in the water.

Erin also demonstrates how to blast clear the snorkel if water enters the snorkel. You want to say the word two as if you’re really angry. This will blast the water out of the snorkel. As Erin demonstrates, she keeps her head in the water and removes the snorkel to allow water to enter the snorkel and then she blast clears the snorkel. As she is doing this she is using her tongue as a splash guard.

Remember to stay nice and relaxed as you are clearing your snorkel and it may take a couple of breaths to get back into that nice relaxed rhythm of breathing with slow exhales that you learned in the proper breathing technique video.


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