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Manila and Hemp Ropes are a good, low cost rope to use for survival purposes. Their advantages and disadvantages are outlined in detail in this video.
Manila Hemp Rope Strength is considered to be a fairly strong rope. The strength of the rope is determined by the amount of fibers and the fiber on fiber friction that is produced. The larger the diameter the stronger the rope. So, the smaller diameter ropes are not as strong. They can not withstand a lot of shock load and they also lack stretch. It does have quite a lot of flexibility. The fibers are very short in the rope so they can not withstand much abrasion. As far as UV resistance goes, they can tolerate quite a lot and remain outside without much damage. Organic fibers as a whole do have quite a lot of UV resistance. Also, these ropes can tolerate chemical exposure fairly well due to their short fiber construction. These ropes are very affordable compared to the cost of synthetic ropes.

These ropes to not weigh much so they are great to carry for survival. Also, you can unwind the fibers and they can be used to start a fire. So, for survival they are an ideal rope. They are not good to be used during rescue or for rappelling. The short fibers and low shock load does not make it ideal for these situations. You will, however, find it used commercially because of the low price.




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