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Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin show you a detailed instruction on how to attack the Kimura. Sharing their tips from the cage on how to submit your opponent with the Kimura.
Join Frank Mir as he works from side control with Forrest Griffin. Start by digging an underhook, to prevent Forrest from kicking up and getting his hips free and clear. As Frank explains, by sinking in the underhook and keeping your opponent close to your hip, it may be easier to tap your opponent.

Also, Frank points out that he drives his shin into Forrest’s shoulder to keep his head down. This keeps Forrest from sitting up. Drive the wrist to the mat and if Forrest goes for his hip or makes a move then Frank can step over his head and apply presure to submit him. Keeping your opponent’s back to the mat is going to be your best choice, preventing them from bellying down, driving their feet and moving into you.

As Forrest points out, once Frank traps the opposite arm, by using the finer points discussed in the video, your opponent can no longer proetect his arm from being cranked on.


Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense


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