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Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin show you how to catch someone in a clock choke. Great training videos that you can use next time you train in the cage or on the mat.
As Frank Mir and Forrest chat inside the cage, it is hard to put hooks on someone and stay on their back.  If you stay on your opponent’s hips, they are just going to stand up. So an alternative is to keep more pressure on their heads.  Be careful to not let their arms scoot out and once you have them up high, just hold onto them and ride them while maintaining constant pressure.

The key point is when you attack them high; shoot one arm under to prevent them from escaping.  Once your opponent tries to get up, slide your legs forward and sink on the clock choke.  Remember to keep your weight up top and once you feel them start to move, just go with it and move forward.

As Forrest points out, Carlos Newton pulled this Bulldog Choke off with a head only choke against Pat Miletich.  No one expects a head only choke from that position.

“The old school becomes new school,” says Forrest Griffin.


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