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Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer demonstrate another counter option when you find yourself in the turtle position, in addition to going around the back as in part one of this MMA series.
Countering the Turtle: Option 2 Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer

Alex goes for a takedown and Stephan hits him with his body and sprawls back with his weight on the shoulders. His right arm goes by the head and under the opposite arm. Next, Stephan couples his hands with the wrist bones against the tricep muscle and cinches it tight. A baseball slide with the back leg, push with the other leg while popping the hip will roll Alex over, breaking his posture to the ground. Pull the leg up to help push the arm tighter will allow Stephan to lock up a very effective head and arm choke. The opponent will try to walk back away from the hold.  Bring the other leg up and catch the body or leg to keep the choke tight. Increase pressure until you get a tap, or the opponent will go limp when the lights go out.

Take a look at the instructional video and let Stephan and Alex show you more detail on another counter for the turtle, option 1. The tricks and tips they bring up help to understand the technique.

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