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Wrestler most often go after the legs for a takedown. Alex suggests that you need a defense to stop the takedown and use it against the attacker. In this video, Stephan goes in for a single leg takedown and Alex demonstrates a technique to counter the move.

Stephan is in and has trapped one leg. Alex turns into the attempt with his palms down on the ground. Reaching under Stephan’s body, he grabs the wrist with his weight on the back and supporting his posture with the other arm. Turn the knee out where the hands are coupled and push back with the leg to break the grip. Alex now has one arm trapped with his leg, and the other with the wrist. This position is called the crucifix. There are a couple of options to finish the fight. If the attacker keeps his arm forward, Alex simply applies pressure to the crucifix shoulder lock and get a tap. Stephan could turn his arm back to relieve pressure, so Alex changes sides, traps the body from movement, and applies pressure to the arm. Either way, the attacker is in a bad way with a submission. Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar provide more details of this technique in the instructional video, so check it out.


Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense


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