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Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenaur teach you how to finish your opponent with the rear naked choke used in mixed martial arts.

Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar share tips on how to finish the choke once you have the opponent’s back. Many guys struggle with the technique to get the arm under the chin and secured. As a demonstration, Alex takes Stephan’s back with two hooks and is trying to slide the forearm under the chin. Normally, the opponent will grab that hand or arm and pull down to keep his airway open. Alex suggests that instead of continued fighting, pull the hand back and drive the thumb into the neck and jaw line as you force the hand under the chin. Repeat as many times as needed to acquire the hold. Once under the chin, this will be very uncomfortable for the opponent and cause the chin to rise and allow the forearm against the windpipe. Secure the arm by reaching and placing the hand behind the shoulder. The other hand goes behind the head and you have completed a rear naked choke, crank up the pressure and he has to tap, or the lights go out.

Alex also shows a couple of alternatives to the standard technique. If you can’t get under the chin, use your other hand and interlock the fingers to crank back with pressure on the chin. The opponent will either tap from the neck twist or he will have to raise his chin to relieve the pressure. This will allow the forearm to contact the neck and you have the choke either way. If Stephan can’t break the hold, it will be a quick way to black out from lack of air or tap.


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