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The High Back Sprawl is a great move to counter a skilled wrestler. As the opponent dives in for a takedown and secures a leg, Alex Schoenauer demonstrates this technique with Stephan Bonnar for the viewers.

Stephan Bonnar gets a good single leg hold. Alex Schoenauer counters by breaking the hold by sprawling back with his entire body weight on Stephan’s back. A quick push down, Alex turns and scrambles sitting on Stephan’s back. In this position, the legs are forward baiting Stephan to grab one or both of them. These types of moves depend on setting up the opponent by deception. The fighter on the bottom will have a tough time resisting the urge to grab a leg that is right in front of him. As he grabs one leg, Alex is ready to transition over the top from the opposite side and trap the far side arm.  This move is called a crucifix. The result is that Alex has Stephan’s arm locked with his leg on one side, and has trapped the other arm with his arm. If Alex continues, he can roll over the stretch out Stephan and set him up for the submission. Watch Alex and Stephan demonstrate the techniques in the instructional video and gain more insight from the pros.

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