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Train with Stephan Bonnar and learn what to do if your opponent hip escapes. The end result in this instructional video is a choke from the rear, and then your opponent will go to sleep if they don’t tap.

Once your opponent counters with a hip escape, you need to maintain control. Stephan points out that as Alex does the hip escape, you grab their neck and place your knee up in the center of their back.  If they try to roll, they will pass over your knee. Next, use your second leg as a hook to control them and finish the choke.

Alex points out that as he is being choked and Stephan pulls on his neck, he wants to get his leg back in but can’t.  By the time he tries to fight it off, it’s over.  Once your fingers are raised up to their trap in the rear naked choke position, there is no getting out of it.  Sink that choke in tight until they tap, if not, they go to sleep.

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