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Learn the sequence to get the Kimura locked in tight from closed guard with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer. The same move which has ended many cage fights in MMA.
Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer demonstrate the Kimura sequence from a closed guard position. From the closed guard, Stephan uses his legs to bump Alex forward breaking his posture and spreading his arms to force him to plant his hands on the ground. Immediately, Stephan attacks one of his arms by shifting his hips and wrapping an arm around Alex’s arm to start the Kimura.

Locking in the hands on the Kimura, Stephan suggests using a monkey grip instead of leaving the thumbs on the back side of the arm.  This grip is much tighter and allows more pressure to be leveraged on the arm.

Once you have established the Kimura, shift the hips back and forth to force the arm out and apply more pressure to the shoulder. Alex chimes in saying that each hip movement directly causes pain in the shoulder breaking his grip as Stephan pulls the arm out. Stephan has a full Kimura and applies pressure to get a tap out.

If the Kimura fails or Alex pulls the arm out before the Kimura can be applied, Stephan demonstrates a move to gain a full mount position.  As the arm is pulled out, Stephan plants his arm and uses his hips to force Alex over on to the mat. The effectiveness of these moves depends on the timing of the movements. Watch the video for more tips and other information from Alex and Stephan.


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