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How to do a leg lock from half guard used in No Gi BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts. Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer show you how to get the leg lock on the mat or in the cage.
Alex is in half guard, with Stephan on the ground. As with many moves, deceit and distraction are part of the tactics for a technique to be successful. Alex pushes Stephan’s chin down and away to make him uncomfortable and eliminate his vision. While Stephan is distracted pulling on that arm, Alex makes his move for a leg lock, which he had planned the whole time. Here is the quick sequence for the leg lock.

Alex brings his knee up to the stomach with full force of his weight. The knee comes all the way through as Alex spins picking up Stephan’s leg as he completes the movement. Alex now traps Stephan’s leg.  Alex has the option of applying pressure straight back on the leg, or turn it into an ankle lock.  Either way, Alex is in control and it would be difficult for Stephan to get out of this lock.

The leg lock coming from the half guard is a fast and smooth technique that can be learned quickly.  Get with your training partner and give it a try.  Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar give you some more insight in this technique, so watch the video and add another move to your MMA or BJJ toolbox.


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