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How to do an Oma Plata used in Mixed Martial Arts with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer. In this video, learn the set up and execution of the Oma Plata submission.

In the closed guard, Stephan Bonnar suggests that the simple move to an arm bar is easy but can also be a set up to apply an Oma Plata, if the arm bar technique doesn’t work. Stephan attempts the arm bar technique as he grabs a cross grip on the opponent’s elbow while controlling the shoulder with his other hand and bringing his legs up around that arm. The arm bar can be on the right or left side depending on circumstance and reaction from the opponent. Schoenauer thinks he is about to be set up in an arm bar so he pulls his arm out to defend against the move. As Alex pulls his arm, Stephan releases the cross grip and traps the other wrist, straightens his legs forcing Alex face down while blocking the hips.

Watching the video, you will see it was an easy Oma Plata. It’s very important to break the opponent’s posture as you sit up. To increase the severity of the Oma Plata, scoot your hips out and tuck your legs behind your hips. Now it is a matter of applying pressure on the shoulder lock.  You will have complete control of your opponent in this position. Ratchet up the pressure and your opponent should tap out or risk his shoulder popped out of the socket or broken.


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