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Learn How to Do a Pendulum Sweep from closed guard used in Mixed Martial Arts. Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer share their fight training with you and your training partners.
In the closed guard, you have to be looking for ways out to a more dominate position. Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar are working together to demonstrate the pendulum sweep from the bottom.

Alex is in a closed guard, he grabs Stephan’s wrist as he turns into him and extends his arm deep under and around hooking the near leg. If you pull the wrist to the same side as you reach for the leg, it will pull your opponent slightly off balance. Once the hook is secure on the leg, Alex moves his leg up to Stephan’s armpit. A pull on the arm and push or extension with the leg from the bottom, Alex upsets Stephan’s balance and rolls him over on his side. Alex follows the momentum and scrambles on top. This has put Alex in a position to set up an arm bar or a choke. When attempting this move, it helps to faint one direction and then move quickly to the other side. It will catch the opponent off guard and give you the advantage. Watch the video for more details of the pendulum sweep with Stephan and Alex. Get with a training partner and give this technique a chance. As usual, train hard and often.


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