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How to do a reverse crank from all four on the mat in the cage with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer. Your online training coaches are here again showing you how to get the reverse neck crank.
When the MMA or Jiu Jitsu fight drags out for any length of time, the big strong guys might start running out of gas and end up down on all fours. Alex Schoenauer and Stephan Bonnar demonstrate a few techniques to use for an opponent down on his hands and knees.

Stephen is down and Alex moves to sit on his back and pushing down on the shoulders with his weight.  If the guy on the bottom is already tired, keep your weight on him to make him uncomfortable.  Alex has his legs forward and is using them to bait Stephan into grabbing one of them. If he does, Alex simply moves off to that side trapping the arm with his legs, and reaching across to establish a crucifix position. This can happen on either side if the guy on the bottom grabs one leg.

If Stephan grabs both legs, Alex reaches under his chin, couples his hands and cranks back on Stephan’s neck into a reverse crank. As they fall back, Alex has both arms trapped with his legs as he continues to pull back on the chin. In this position, you will get a tap. Take this technique slowly as you can hurt your training partner very easily. Watch the video for many more details of how to deal with this position with Alex and Stephan. Train Hard!

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