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Forrest Griffin and Frank Mir show you how to sink in the Guillotine choke while standing. Some great tips from the fighters that you can use in your training.
Watch how to get a deep Guillotine choke. As Forrest Griffin says, “A simple move that makes black belts white belts and white belts black belts”.  Heel hooks/foot locks and guillotines. In this video, the Guillotine is demonstrated.  Usually you get the Guillotine as your opponent shoots in low. Forrest teaches you his tips-use both hands as you pull and pass, while you crank the submission in.

Don’t go to your back; push forward or down.  Once you have the Guillotine while standing just push them to the fence.  Try out Forrest’s method, which uses both your hands to make it as tight as possible.


Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense


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