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Learn how to take your opponent’s back starting from full mount with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer.
Watch Alex as he has gained a full mount on Stephan. If your opponent on the bottom is aggressive and has a good scramble, he will be able to move and change positions. It will be hard for you to hold the upper position with a fighter that has skills. The opponent will most likely try a hip escape to gain half guard and be more comfortable than a full mount. The strategy is to set up your opponent and make him think he is getting an advantage. Alex and Stephan will demonstrate the technique to gain the back from the full mount.

Alex allows Stephan to put him in half guard by use of a hip escape and tying up the leg. As a set up, Alex has let his opponent do this and plants his elbow behind the back to lock Stephan in this position. All Alex has to do from this position is roll on his shoulder and back as he kicks his leg out levering Stephan into a complete spin over to his hands and knees.  Reaching over the top, Alex moves on top of Stephan taking his back. From here, Alex can employ other techniques such as rear naked choke or others to end the fight. Watch the video for many more details.

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