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Stephan Bonnar teaches you the Triangle Choke submission from the Mount. Explaining the tips and tricks with Alex Schoenauer how to make this choke the most effective.

In the mount position, Stephan plans to bait Alex by lifting his leg up so he will reach out and grab the leg. If Alex falls for the bait, Stephan feels that the technique is easy to complete from this point. From this position, grab the back of the opponent’s head and pull up, lifting off the ground and making room for your leg to pass underneath. Swing your leg under the head and secure with the opposite hand grabbing the shin to form a triangle choke. Stephan brings his other leg into play by crossing his ankle at the knee joint and the triangle choke is in place.

Stephan cautions that the position must be secured before rolling on to your back to finish. This movement could cause the choke to slip if not tightly clamping the head, arm and neck of the opponent. This is still a great position to revert back to an arm bar by stepping over, or simply rolling to your back maintaining the hand on the shin to keep the choke in place. Move your hips to the outside and tighten the grip on the choke and expect a tap out. The final tip from Stephan is that when you are on the bottom, you always want either arms in, or both arms out to avoid the triangle. If you use one, you might be easy prey for the triangle choke.

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