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How to Do a Wrist Lock from the Guard in this MMA video with Stephan Bonnar and Alex Schoenauer. Learn the tips and tricks to pull this submission off.

Alex points out that as he has Stephan in his guard, you need to break his posture. Stephan Bonnar uses his arms to push him upright off of Alex’s midsection for this training demonstration.  Your legs are a lot stronger than your opponent’s posture.

Start with using your legs to bring your opponent towards you as you pop their arms out.  Now pull them in and hold them tight next to you with your legs.  Their arms are trapped as you continue to pull their body towards you.  Next, get the outside underhook placed and with your other hand grab their wrist.  Once you have this position, you now start to apply the wristlock.

The guys show you that you can also set them up from this closed guard position. If you cannot get the wristlock, transition by sliding your arm through to an inside underhook and arm drag them and take their back. Use a Crucifix, chokes, arm bars or whatever submission you see you can get.

Many times you can submit them with the wristlock alone.


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