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The NRA Eddie Eagle firearm’s safety program for kids is our responsibility to pass on firearm safety to our children. Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area and Tell an Adult.

Children’s firearm safety is the foundation for younger kids to act responsible if they come across a firearm. The studies that were conducted involved 20 kids split into two groups with replicas of a firearms.  The ten children that were taught the NRA EDDIE EAGLE program did exactly what they were taught.

  1. Stop
  2. Don’t Touch
  3. Leave the Area and Tell an Adult.

The other ten was caught on camera conducting themselves in an unsafe manner.  We as instructors, parents, and firearm owners, have the role to teach the kids what to do when they see a firearm. Yes, it can be taken further with firearm’s training at a young age when the child is felt to be mature and responsible enough to listen and take direction.

Education is the best answer for children. Take the time and contact the NRA and pass the EDDIE Eagle program onto the the next generation. Contact the NRA at by clicking HERE to learn more about the EDDIE EAGLE Program and request information.

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