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Nylon Polyamide ropes have excellent strength, high abrasion resistance, and relatively high elasticity. Commonly used in survival, rescue, commercial, rappelling and recreational uses as well.
These ropes have superior strength because their fibers run the entire length of the rope. They can tolerate high shock loads and they have high abrasion resistance. You can get dynamic or static nylon polyamide ropes, so depending on which one you get determines how much stretch is in the rope. UV will break down these ropes and thus strength over time. You can get them coated to help prevent degradation in UV or to help its ability to withstand chemicals, but overall they are considered only good with UV and chemical tolerance.

These ropes are used every day in the survival, rescue fields and rappelling due to their strength. These are also common in commercial uses such as mooring, winching and towing.




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