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The Off Road Air Suspension system on a Jeep, truck or any SUV allows you to raise and lower the vehicle when needed according to the terrain you’ll be exploring. The sway bar can also be locked and unlocked to change the stability.

The suspension system on the featured Jeep is an air suspension system and it allows you to raise and lower the Jeep as necessary. When traveling on the road you can lower it to stock so it is more stable. It allows you to lock and unlock the sway bar so when you’re on the road you can lock it so it gives you more stability. When you’re off-road you can unlock it so you can get better articulation of the suspension going over rough ground. It can also change the attitude of the Jeep as well. If you’re on a side slope, you can straighten out the body of the Jeep.

There is a control panel and the buttons control the basic functions. There is one button that has a preset that you’ve programmed in for off-road. If you need even more ground clearance, you can hit an up button to raise it even more, which is about 8 inches over stock. So, you can have an 8 inch lift when you need it, but when you’re traveling on the road and you don’t want to have that lift, you don’t have to have it. It’s very versatile.

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