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When you’re off the beaten track it’s important to prepare your vehicle with certain features to help in rough terrain or in case you happen to encounter an emergency with either the vehicle or unexpected weather conditions.

Off Road Survival Vehicles most often have larger tires to better deal with the rugged terrain. Extended flares are nice to protect your vehicle from mud, stones, etc. if you’re going to use larger tires. Nerf bars help protect the vehicle as well. A heavy duty tire carrier will carry your extra one or two spare tires and also an extra gas tank. A handy man jack can also attach to the tire carrier. Heavy duty flared bumpers increase your clearance and offer better approach angles. A shackle attached to the rear bumper can aid in pulling or being pulled. The vehicle overall is lifted; it has a rear pneumatic lift system. The front heavy duty bumper is equipped with a 8000 lb winch in case the vehicle needs to be pulled out of a ravine.

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