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The proper Off Road Tire Pressure for the terrain is important. A tire that’s inflated too high is more easily punctured and torn.

If you lower the tire pressure when off-road, you have the advantage of better traction over rocks, in the mud or snow and the tires are less easily punctured or torn.

You can lower the pressure in your tires with ease if you carry a small device called a tire deflater. It’s a valve that is precalibrated to a certain pressure. Lenny likes to lower his tire pressures when traveling through the desert to 12 psi, which is about half the pressure he maintains when on the road.

Lenny doesn’t have beaded tires on his Jeep because he doesn’t do much rock climbing and it would make the tires more difficult to change if need be. So if you do have beaded tires you could lower the pressure more.

Just screw the tire deflater valve in place of the valve cap and it deflates tires down to the precalibrated pressure. It’s a quick and easy method to lower your pressures when heading out to rough terrain!

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