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Polypropylene Rope has been around for quite some time. You will most often see this rope during recreational activities such as water sports. These ropes have quite a bit of stretch depending on the weave and they float in water.
Polypropylene rope is a very weak rope that has poor abrasion resistance. Depending upon the way the rope is woven, the shock load can vary, but for the most part polypropylene can not withstand much shock load. It is has a fair amount of stretch and that is why you often see it pulling water skiers and such behind boats. It is also a very pliable rope and the natural bend of the rope is very small. It can not withstand much abrasion like many of the synthetic ropes.  Although they don’t tolerate the sun very well, they actually can tolerate chemical exposure fairly well. There are some coatings that you can apply to the outside of these ropes in order to improve their chemical resistance even more. They are considered to be very good in cost.

This rope isn’t often used in survival, rappelling, or rescue uses because of the poor strength. You also won’t see it in commercial uses because of its poor strength, even though it is reasonably priced. You will most often see this rope being used recreationally, as mentioned above, during water sports because it can float on top of the water.




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