Promote your School

ATAC TV is a hub of vetted and validated instructors in a variety of disciplines, learn more on how to Promote your School and share in the revenue of your videos.

Instructors, want your school on  Please contact us see our vetting protocol to be featured on ATAC Our internal media department can take your existing footage (if compatible and approved of) or can schedule filming of your course material. ATAC TV is a media outlet for your school and we share in the revenue of ATAC TV subscribers. Learn more about our Affiliate Program here.

Your School on is a simply four step process.

  1. Send us your company web site and instructor list.
  2. Provide complete company information so that your product may be “plugged” in the video or on the instructor page with a call to action to “Book This Instructor” Example here: Instructors
  3. Provide a short company profile and your web site. A call to action to book classes with your onsite school. Ex: Upcoming onsite training, classes and seminars. Promote your school.
  4. We will contact you when the product is completed with the URL to each video.

Benefits to you:

  • Earn money in our affiliate program.
  • A call to action to book classes with your onsite school. Direct booking link posted on the Instructor page.
  • Don’t spend the time in filming or time and cost incurred in hosting videos.
  • No monthly maintenance fees!
  • Higher conversion rates than You Tube. Your viewer goes to your web site. You Tube does not provide direct booking, external linking or ability to post articles written by you.
  • Have your videos on a target rich viewership, rather than other media video sites that firearms or survival is their minority percentage.

ATAC TV has it’s own creative, production, editing and art department. Let us take the trouble of production off your hands so that you may focus on your core business and instruction. ATAC TV is dedicated to getting your videos in front of an array of individuals from Military, Contractors, Law Enforcement, First Responders and civilians.

End Result: A turn key solution for your company to gain more exposure. ATAC TV, a hub of vetted instructors targeted to your specific audience.

Your Capital and Asset Expenditures

ATAC TV Cost Factors

Pros: No (zero) Production Cost + Distribution Cost + Maintenance Fees +Your Time = Poor Return on Investment (ROI)

Cons:  Taking the time to send your products.

Action Steps: Lets get started today, contact us here to promote your school.